At Summit Utilities, we want to provide helpful tools and resources that are designed with you in mind.

From payment assistance programs or enrolling your account in an Average Monthly Billing (AMB) plan, to simple, at-home measures that aid in lowering your monthly bills, our goal is to share information to weatherproof your wallet, your home, and your energy usage. Enter this fall and winter heating season fueled with the knowledge you need to manage your energy consumption, save money, and keep your home cozy and comfortable when outside temperatures dip.

Fact. Cold Weather = Higher Utility Bills

What are some ways I can save money on my natural gas bill? Is there payment assistance I can take advantage of to help me? Can you help me make sense of my monthly bill? These are all excellent questions you may be asking as a natural gas customer. The good news is that we’re here to help keep you in the know! We’ve compiled resources and information to save, stay warm, stay educated, and informed.


Watch this video to learn about simple, low-cost ways you can save money on your bills.


Cold Weather Conservation Tips

Did you know spinning your ceiling fan clockwise helps bring heated air down towards you in rooms with higher or sloped ceilings? Now you know!

More Ways to Save Money & Energy

      Summit Heating Assistance Fund

      At Summit, we understand we are only as strong as the communities we serve. The Summit Heating Assistance Fund provides heating assistance for Summit customers in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texarkana, Texas. Program funds are administered by the Heart of Arkansas United Way. Customers of Summit Utilities who meet income eligibility requirements can access up to $200 per year during the heating season, November – April, to help pay past due heating bills. To learn more about how to apply or if you’re interested in donating to the program.

      Summit Heating Assistance Fund

          We’re Here to Lend a Helping Hand

          If your household is experiencing financial difficulty, there may be federal, state, or local programs that can assist with your utility bill. If you're a residential customer and meet certain income guidelines, you may qualify for assistance in paying your bills. If you or someone you know is having trouble paying their gas bill, explore our payment assistance program offerings by visiting our payment assistance page. 

          Payment Assistance Programs

              Cost of Gas: Keeping You Informed

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              Savings Tips When Winter Weather Sets In

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              Be Prepared with the Safety Checklist

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              Understanding & Managing Higher Bills

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              Warmth, Savings & Energy Efficiency

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              Energy Efficiency in Your Home

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