Blocked Sewer?

You may be dealing with a cross bored sewer line!

In the event of a natural gas emergency, call 911 and Summit Utilities at 800-992-7552.


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How do Cross Bores Happen?

For many years, utilities nationwide have installed gas pipelines by boring underground, rather than digging trenches, to avoid tearing up paving and landscaping.

Existing utility facilities, such as underground electrical and pipes, are located and marked in accordance with the requirements of Digsafe laws before new gas pipelines are installed using underground boring technology.

Sometimes, a private underground facility such as private sewer line that is not mapped and cannot be discovered with the use of above-ground locating devices is inadvertently struck by the underground boring machine resulting in what is known as “cross-bore.”



If You Suspect a Cross Bore?

  • Call or ask your sewer clearing professional to contact Summit Utilities prior to clearing the blockage. We will promptly meet your professional to locate and mark our natural gas pipeline free of charge.
  • Never use a sewer clearing machine to clear an interior blockage until the obstruction has been identified.
  • Suspect a gas leak? Leave the area immediately and call Summit Utilities or 911. Do not use phones near the gas leak.
  • Before anyone clears an interior blockage, by chemical or mechanical means, call Summit Utilities for immediate assistance.


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