Welcome To Your New Summit Utilities Bill!

Now it’s easier than ever to see what you owe and when it’s due, as well as detailed information to help you manage your natural gas account. To assist with any additional questions you may have about the new bill or online customer portal, call Customer Service at 800-992-7552.

How to read my natural gas bill


Here's a look at the charges that make up your monthly natural gas bill:

Delivery and Service Charges

The Delivery and Service Charges on your bill are designed to recover Summit’s reasonable and necessary expenses and provide Summit with the opportunity to earn a return on its investment in the natural gas system that provides you with safe and reliable service.

Supply Charges

The Gas Supply Rate (GSR) is the cost of the natural gas itself. The cost is a direct pass-through with no markup from Summit Utilities. We purchase natural gas on behalf of customers from the commercial market and pass the cost straight through to customers with no markup or profit.

Taxes and Other Charges

City, State, and local taxes and charges.


Why is my utility bill going up? How can I save money on my natural gas bill?

With increased energy costs, working to conserve energy and save money is essential. We’ve compiled resources and information to save, stay warm, stay educated, and be informed.

Understanding and Managing Higher Energy Bills
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Savings Tips When Winter Weather Sets In
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The “Why” Behind High Natural Gas Prices
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We’re Here to Lend a Helping Hand

If your household is experiencing financial difficulty, there may be federal, state, or local programs that can assist with your utility bill. If you’re a Summit Utilities residential customer and meet specific income guidelines, you may qualify for assistance in paying your utility bills. Explore our payment assistance program offerings if you or someone you know is having trouble paying their gas bill.

Assistance Programs



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