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This is why our hiring process starts with the important objective of bringing individuals into the organization who share our values as well as a passion for what we stand for as an organization. 


Summit is a growing natural gas utility that serves homes and businesses in Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Being part of the Summit team means embracing excellence, diversity, and innovation, committing to safety each and every day, and doing all that we can to serve each other, our customers, and the communities where we live.  


At Summit, our mission is to deliver clean, safe, affordable, and reliable energy solutions to our customers. We know we can only achieve that mission with a dedicated team unified by our core values, which is why we are committed to fostering a culture of Pioneering, Excellence, Agility, Kindness, and Safety every day.

PEAKS Program

Summit Team Member John True

It's great to see team members working together to find solutions for various challenges. Summit teams are diverse, deeply committed, and provide knowledge, and expertise that uniquely supports our shared success as a company.” 

- John True, Contract Services Manager



Diversity and Inclusion

Summit Embraces Diversity  

 All backgrounds, all beliefs, and all vantage points. At Summit, we strive to embody our core values and to be good stewards of Summit’s culture. We want our team members to feel a sense of belonging, no matter who they are. Our culture exists to ensure you feel valued, your ideas are heard, and you work to advance this culture for everyone.

Summit’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is a testament to how we work to continually advance our culture of inclusion and innovation. As a Committee, the team’s goal is to ensure that every new member of the Summit team feels empowered, included, and welcomed to their new workplace. We know that the best ideas happen when people bring their uniqueness to work with them. Inclusion is an integral part of how we leverage that uniqueness into our company. 

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   Community is Key at Summit 

Summit Utilities works with local, charitable organizations requesting financial assistance to fulfill their missions. That, in turn, helps us carry out ours. As a community-oriented company, Summit strives to be a good partner and neighbor. We believe community giving is beyond making donations, but a step in making a difference. We’re committed to giving back through financial support and charitable giving because we know we’re only as strong as the communities we serve. Every year, Summit awards thousands of dollars to support local organizations that work to care for those in need. 

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Diversity and Inclusion

Giving hands

We believe Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Strengthens our Commitment to One Another and Our Communities  

Summit is deeply committed to ensuring its team members bring their best selves to work while also being able to pursue personal interests. That's why we support 20 hours annually of paid VTO (volunteer time off) to a nonprofit of a team member's choosing. VTO is Summit’s paid volunteer time off benefit.

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Our culture lives in our open communication, our collective embrace of diversity, and an eagerness to consider alternative points of view. Our culture is supported by every member of our team’s commitment to service - to each other and our communities."

- Kurt Adams, President & CEO, Summit Utilities

Diversity and Inclusion




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"Our company values are not just words plastered on a poster in the breakroom. At Summit, not only do we care for our customers and communities, we care for each other. Beginning my career in the midst of COVID-19, it was crystal clear that Summit and my colleagues prioritized my safety and comfort while onboarding at home."

- Aaliyah Grant, Marketing Coordinator

Aaliayh Grant

Compensation & Benefits

Summit offers competitive pay and benefits that provide flexibility, choice, and support to our team members when they need it most.  We understand that home and family are essential pieces of your life, and our benefits are designed to support you both at work and home.


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Participation in Summit’s
Healthcare Benefits

* Benefits for some positions in Arkansas and Oklahoma are governed by a Collective Bargaining Agreement and may differ from the benefits we provide to our other employees

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Military Veterans

Summit Utilities values, respects, and appreciates veterans and military spouses. We have lots of opportunities to utilize the leadership, discipline, and technical skills acquired during your military service. There are many veterans on our team who have found impactful and rewarding civilian careers at Summit Utilities.



Carrie Collins
"The knowledge that I, along with my teammates, impact people by providing a safe, reliable, energy product as a solution to individual needs is meaningful to me. It is special to know that natural gas is providing a family warmth on the coldest day of the year, providing nutritious meals for school children, and hot water to bathe our family pets."

- Carrie Collins, Manager of Operations – Jonesboro, Walnut Ridge, West Memphis



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