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Natural Gas is Always-On, Dependable, & Efficient Energy

At Summit Utilities, we’re proud to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable energy. Natural gas plays an essential role in providing comfort and support for our daily lives. Natural gas holds a key role in today’s energy mix, serving as a reliable bridge towards a more diversified and sustainable energy future.



Impressive Energy-Efficiency

With up to 97% efficiency*- using natural gas for heating, cooking, hot water, and more, not only will you save money, but you’ll reap the benefits of having a more energy-efficient home or business as well! New gas appliances have nearly twice the efficiency of appliances using other energy sources**, so you can save energy and money for the things you enjoy.


Versatility for All the Things You Enjoy

Natural gas is an incredibly versatile energy source with applications across various sectors. From heating your home or business to outdoor grills, natural gas can power a wide array of appliances and offerings such as outdoor fire pits, clothes dryers, backup generators, cooktops, ranges, outdoor lighting, pool and spa heaters, and more!


Trusted Reliability

Using natural gas for your home or business ensures a stable energy supply, even during extreme conditions. Since natural gas pipelines are underground, outages are rare. Natural gas can also provide reliable backup power even in the harshest of conditions with natural gas generators.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that natural gas is always there when you need it.


Lower Energy Costs

Natural gas has consistently proven to be a cost-effective energy option***. Its abundant supply and efficiency can lead to reduced energy costs and lower monthly bills for customers.


Safety First: A Priority in Natural Gas

Summit Utilities is dedicated to the safety and reliability of our natural gas systems. Transportation by pipeline is the safest form of energy delivery in the country. In fact, natural gas pipelines transport approximately one-fourth of the energy consumed in the United States and is delivered to customers through over 3 million miles of piping. We conscientiously monitor and maintain our pipeline systems to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to your home. Summit Utilities works diligently to ensure pipeline safety and reliability through a variety of ways, including inspection programs, public education, pipeline markers, facility mapping, surveys, patrolling, pressure monitoring, odorization, and liaison with public officials.


Monetary Savings When You Choose Natural Gas

Interested in natural gas or considering upgrading an older appliance? We offer rebates to help you be more energy efficient and put money back in your pocket. Explore our rebate offerings for high-efficiency products and appliances when you upgrade to natural gas! 


It’s the Environmentally Friendly Choice

The blue flame you see when burning natural gas is a sign of efficient combustion, producing only heat, water - and about 15% less carbon dioxide than propane and 45% less CO2 than coal!****

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