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Summit Utilities Urges Oklahoma Customers to Prepare for Cold Temperatures and Winter Weather

Jan 11, 2024
by Summit Utilities, Inc.

Little Rock, Arkansas (January 11, 2024) – Summit Utilities (Summit) reminds customers to prepare for the upcoming cold temperatures and winter weather forecasted in Oklahoma this weekend and early next week. Throughout the year, our team proactively ensures the safety and reliability of essential natural gas service for our customers through pipeline replacements, infrastructure improvements, and system monitoring.  

“As cold temperatures and winter weather approaches, Summit encourages our customers to prepare by taking proactive steps to keep you and your family safe and warm, said Fred Kirkwood, SVP & Chief Customer Experience Officer.” If you have any questions about your gas service or natural gas bill, please call our customer service representatives, who are available to help navigate the winter season as smoothly as possible.” 

To stay warm and safe during the winter weather, follow these tips: 

  • Clear snow and ice around outdoor vents, meters, and flues to prevent blockages. Use a broom, not a shovel, to gently clear snow around gas equipment to avoid damage. 
  • Check proper ventilation in enclosed spaces and never use gas ovens or stovetops as a primary heating source. 
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in key areas of your home and check batteries regularly. If you suspect carbon monoxide exposure (headache, dizziness, nausea), leave your home immediately and call emergency services.  
  • Prepare an emergency kit with essentials like blankets, flashlights, non-perishable food, and necessary medications.  
  • Be alert for gas leaks and familiarize yourself with the smell of natural gas (similar to rotten eggs). If you detect this odor, do not use electronic devices, including phones or light switches, leave the area immediately on foot, and call 911 from a safe location.   

Summit offers energy conservation tips to save money on your natural gas bill during winter: 

  • Keep your thermostat a few degrees lower than normal, especially when away from home for extended periods.  
  • Clear space around your vents to allow warm air to flow freely.  
  • Close dampers on unused fireplaces and keep garage doors closed to prevent warm air from escaping.  
  • Insulate around windows and doors to prevent leaks and keep warm air inside.  
  • Utilize sunlight by opening curtains on south-facing windows during the day and closing them at night to reduce cold air drafts. 

These small steps can help conserve energy, keep you comfortable, and help save money on natural gas bills during the winter. Learn more at

If customers have trouble paying their bills, Summit will work with them to set up a payment plan and help find possible energy assistance options. Customers can visit our Payment Assistance page for more information.   



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