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Summit Utilities Oklahoma Reinstates Late Fees & Disconnects for Non-Payment

Jul 5, 2023
by Summit Utilities, Inc.

Little Rock, Arkansas (July 5, 2023) – Summit Utilities Oklahoma (Summit) is reminding Oklahoma customers it is reinstating normal collections activities, including charging late fees and disconnecting customers for nonpayment. Since April 2023, Summit has actively notified customers who may be late on their bills it is returning to standard billing practices in July 2023. In fall 2022, Summit voluntarily and temporarily suspended charging late fees and disconnections as the company worked through new billing practices and high cost of gas.   

“We ask that any customers who may be late on their bills to contact us now, and we can set up a payment plan, so we won’t have to disconnect your service,” said Fred Kirkwood, Chief Customer Officer for Summit.  

Before the disconnection of service, Summit Utilities will send a disconnect notice in accordance with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Eligible customers can sign up for a payment plan until the close of business on the last day to pay printed on their disconnection notice. To reconnect service, customers must pay all past due payments in full, along with a reconnection fee of $20.   

Since April, Summit has actively educated customers via email, bill inserts, social media, and other communications platforms about returning to normal collection activities. Oklahoma customers can contact customer service at 866-275-5265 from 7am to 7pm Monday-Friday for help with outstanding billing questions, set up payment plans or offer additional assistance. 

The notice about resuming collections activities only applies to customers of Summit Utilities Oklahoma. If you are unsure if you buy your natural gas from Summit Utilities Oklahoma, or from a different company, you can contact 866-275-5265 to find out if you are a Summit Utilities Oklahoma customer. 


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