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Summit Utilities Resolved Gas Interruption on Little Rock System Due to Extreme Temperatures

Dec 23, 2022
by Summit Utilities

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (December 23, 2022)– Due to the extreme cold weather conditions, Summit Utilities Arkansas (Summit) experienced a brief interruption of gas flow in the Rock Creek area of Little Rock, west of Napa Valley and Hinson Road that impacted approximately 100 customers.

The issue has now been resolved.

It was caused by below freezing temperatures impacting one of our regulator stations.  Customers’ natural gas appliances will begin to turn back on; for most customers this means no action will need to be taken, and appliances will not need to be relit.

If your pilot light did go out, or your gas service has not restarted, please call Summit Utilities at 800-992-7552.

Summit crews will continue to answer all dispatch calls to ensure that all impacted customers have gas service.

As always, if you smell gas in your home follow these steps:

  1. Leave immediately on foot! Do not use electric switches, telephones (including cell phones), drive or start a car, or anything that could cause a spark.
  2. Go directly to a safe location and call 911 and Summit Utilities at 800-992-7552. Do not use e-mail or the Internet to contact the company about a leak, and never assume someone else has reported the leak.


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