In the event of a natural gas emergency, call 911 and Summit Utilities at 800-992-7552.

Safety is our
#1 Priority

The safety of our staff, customers,
and the communities we serve
is a top priority.

Summit Utilities is dedicated to the safety and reliability of our natural gas systems.

Transportation by pipeline is the safest form of energy delivery in the country. In fact, natural gas pipelines transport approximately one-fourth of the energy consumed in the United States and is delivered to customers through over 3 million miles of piping. We conscientiously monitor and maintain our pipeline systems to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to your home. 


The purpose of our gas system is to provide the public, both residential and commercial enterprises, with a clean, economical, and safe energy source for a variety of uses. Summit Utilities works diligently to ensure pipeline safety and reliability through a variety of ways, including inspection programs, public education, pipeline markers, facility mapping, surveys, patrolling, pressure monitoring, odorization, and liaison with public officials.



Summit Utilities is committed to the safety, health and environment of your community.

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Safety is our top priority!  

We are constantly working to ensure the integrity of our systems to keep our gas systems safe.

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gas meter
Customer Owned Piping

Summit Utilities owned piping vs. customer owned piping.

Know the Difference
Leak Detection

Keeping you safe with cutting-edge technology.

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Public Utility Scams

Please be on alert for fraudulent phone calls.

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